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 How to use these forums the RIGHT way

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PostSubject: How to use these forums the RIGHT way   Fri Jul 25, 2008 11:34 pm

For those of you that don't know how to use this forums I show you how.

The first tab you see on these forums is "Home" You can go to the main area if you click that or the banner.

The second tab is "FAQ" Which stands from Frequently Asked Questions. Go there if you have any technical difficulties.

The third tab is the most useful tool on here. But the most unused..... It's like it just gathers dust. SO USE IT It's the Search button. It compiles all topics on what you put on the search bar.

The fourth tab is the "Memberlist" Go here if you want to see who has joined the forums.

The fifth is called "Usergroups" A Admin or someone like that will add you to one of these if they feel like you should be there.

The sixth tab is "Profile" you can customize your whole Profile here from birth date and email to your signature and Avatar.

The seventh tab is your inbox

The last tab is to log you out.
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How to use these forums the RIGHT way
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