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 [TuT] Animated GIF's [Banners]

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PostSubject: [TuT] Animated GIF's [Banners]   Wed Jul 23, 2008 8:25 pm

This Topic Is Now FINISHED. Updates Are Still Coming.
So today im gonna teach you a bit about making Animated GIF's. Or in Other Words MOVING PICTURES! I will be adding screen shot's onto this, but It'll take me a while.

Like a Star @ heaven Tables of Z Contents. Like a Star @ heaven
1. Some Startup Info
3. How To Make One
4. Tips N Tricks
5. How too Host/Insert Onto The Forums
6. Anything Else I Can Think of

Like a Star @ heaven 1. SOME STARTUP INFO Like a Star @ heaven
A GIF is a Graphics Interchange Format. That basicly means its a type of file that is animated, and can be out into a web browser. Like Our Forums.

These things take a lot of time too get good at. If you arn't patient, this may not be for you. You need to experiment alot with these.

Some experience with Paint and/or Photoshop will help you alot.

Like a Star @ heaven 2. Downloads Like a Star @ heaven
All these programs are needed too make MAPLESTORY Gif's. If Your Just making a regular one, you will not need BannedStory.

-NeoPaint 30 Day Trial-[PhotoShop CS3 Also Works.]
Click Here For NeoPaint

Click here For AIR 1.1

-BannedStory 3.0-[You May Just Use The Sim On MapleSim, But This Is Easyer]
Click Here For BannedStory 3.0

-Paint- [Very Useful But Not Needed]
Should Already Be Installed

Thats All. Your Good To Go!

Like a Star @ heaven 3. How To Make One Like a Star @ heaven
Okay. So After You Install All The Programs.
1.Open Up Neopaint, and Click File>New.
2. Go To Picture Type, Then Into Animated GIF.
3. Set your Banner's Size.
4. To Add More Slides, Click Animate>Add Slide

Like a Star @ heaven 4. Tips N Tricks Like a Star @ heaven
There will be a ton of stuff I use to make banners. So good luck, hope some of it helps.

There are many options on neopaint, too edit your slides. Much like on Photoshop there are a variety of tools at your disposal.

The [A] Tool is Used Too Add Text Boxes.

The [Scizzor] Tool Is Used Too Cut Out Images, Or Select Images. Click
The Arrow on it too chose from a variety of cut out and selection tools.

You can add effects too your Slides, with the 'Picture' Option. You may rotate, invert, add effetcs too anything. Play Around With It.

Adding in more 'Copy Of Current Slide' will make one effect last longer.

BannedStory And Paint are very easy to use. Simpley make a character!

Click Alt+PrintScreen To Copy Your Page, Then Paste it Into Paint, and cut out what you want to use. Then C+P It to NeoPaint!

Use the Layer Manager Too Add Chars + Pets + Skill Effects.
There is an option in the layer manager too Animate Your Char And Skills. Click It And Chose What Frame of the Animation you want. Then C+P!

Like a Star @ heaven 5. How too Host/Insert Onto The Forums Like a Star @ heaven
1. Get a PB Account Here.
Click Here For PhotoBucket
2. Upload Your Image. [PB Explains How To Do This]
3. Copy The Direct Link To Your Image. And Paste it in your Siggy, Or Wherever you Want it.
4. Add The BBCode. EXAMPLE:
5. Done!

Like a Star @ heaven 6. Anything Else I Can Think Of Like a Star @ heaven
Well guys, this guides quite basic. But It Covers what I wanted it too. You need to play around with it yourself too find your own techniques. If there is something you feel I should add, or if you have any questions. Please PM me. And feel free to give me feedback once I open this thread.

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PostSubject: [TuT] Animated GIF's [Banners]   Wed Jul 23, 2008 8:31 pm



IMPORT TUNER GIRL jack off... jk

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[TuT] Animated GIF's [Banners]
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